Why should I hire a college consultant?

The college process is becoming increasingly competitive and requires a personalized action plan structured to the individual. A college consultant will work with the family to provide 3rd party, confidential, objective professional guidance. With busy family schedules, hundreds of college options, increasingly tracked high school curriculums, SAT/ACT anxiety, deadlines, and the critically decisive college essays, it is more important than ever to develop a winning strategy for a best match. We will work to ease the journey.

Does a college consultant conflict with the high school counselor?

Not at all. The goal of the college consultant is to ensure that the student comes prepared for each visit with the high school counselor. High school counselors carry a caseload of 250 students each and have limited time to spend with each student, yet they carry the awesome burden of representing each student to prospective college admissions counselors. It is important for every student to develop a good rapport with their high school counselor in their limited visits. Therefore we work with a small client caseload to ensure personalized attention.

What is the right time to start working with a college consultant?

Ideally, beginning early in high school (even briefly in the 8th grade) when students begin to plan their high school curriculum and extra curricular involvement. Mostly juniors and seniors seek guidance as the are faced with the college identification and daunting application processes. Guidance is successful with high school students of all ages.

Do you work with students at all academic levels?

Yes, it is far more important to help a student find a good fit, regardless of the "name-brand" status of the school. Highly selective schools are notorious for their limited admit rate and well qualified applicants must distinguish themselves in the application process. As a result, colleges at ALL levels have become increasingly more competitive and EVERY student benefits from an effective and genuine application. We help students sift through the many choices and guide them through the entire application process.

Do you provide financial consulting?

Yes, we offer basic professional assistance with the FAFSA and financial aid resources and resources to other experts.

What type of services do you offer? 

We offer comprehensive college consultation for students beginning as early as 8th grade, junior and senior year packages, in addition to a la carte services such as an annual curriculum review, college essay support, application review. For more detailed information on our services click here.

How do you provide services? 

For clients in SE Michigan we provide a combination of face-to-face consulting, email, online chats, and telephone. For distant clients face-ro-face consulting is available only at the client's expense.

Do you offert testing assistance? 

A primary service of College Prep Rx is advising on which standardized tests our students should take. We provide direction to books and online guides to help students study and fundamental guides on the test standards, but we do NOT directly offer SAT or ACT study courses.

How do I know if College Prep Rx is a good fit for my family?  

We offer an initial FREE 30 minute consultation in person (in SE Michigan) or by phone with the student and family.  Please call (313)410-6693 or email to set up a consultation appointment.

How much does College Prep Rx cost?

We offer services by the hour at $75 per hour (you determine the level of services desired) or packaged services priced according to grade. For more information on pricing click here.

Do you provide references? 

Yes, references and testimonials are available upon request at any time.