College Quest Educational Services, LLC, SAT, & ACT Test Prep

The college admissions process has become more competitive then ever; SAT and ACT standardized test scores continue to be an important part of the admissions process. Over the past 13 years we have helped thousands of high school students prepare for the SAT and ACT standardized tests. We allow all of our students to come back forever, for FREE. We focus on a student's individual needs.

Director: Scott Allen

Contact Us: 313-410 6693/248-647-TEST

Flexible scheduling options - No student is too busy to fit our classes in his or her schedule. We'll fit our schedule around yours. 

Easy make ups - Play a sport? Planning a trip? We'll work with you to make sure you make up missed classes either one-on-one with an instructor or with another class. And you won't have to drive 40 miles to make up a class. 

Unlimited use of our services forever without paying again. That includes sitting in the classes again and one-on-one help. 

Small classes, personalized attention - Our average class size is 5 students, and we only need two students to run a scheduled class. 

Permanent, convenient location - We don't rent our rooms in schools. With our center, students have a place to take practice tests under proper conditions, get extra help, or make up missed classes. 

A full-time instructor with 14 years of experience who is available for free extra help and make ups at your convenience. 

12 or 7 session courses - We offer two types of courses because some students may simply not have the time for a longer course. Others may only need a moderate increase in their scores. 

Course manuals - containing all material used in the class sessions are provided. 

Tons of practice materials - separate workbooks containing hundreds of pages of practice tests and exercises separated by topic. 

At least 20 actual retired tests available - for extra practice in either SAT or ACT. These are great to review with your instructor outside of class. 

Computer lab - The lab is open 5 days a week. 

Unlimited one-on-one help - to review practice tests, make up any missed classes, or get extra help in a particular area. 

$100 for taking ten practice tests - Every student who pays full price and completes 10 practice tests before the class ends gets $100. Ask for details and specific requirements.


Computerized analyses of tests taken.

Tips for Test Takers

  • Registration materials can be obtained from your high school counseling office and /or career guidance center. 
  • You may also register online. Web sites are listed above. 
  • Register early to get the test center of your choice. 
  • There are also "late" deadlines not listed above. Plan to pay more, the later you register. 
  • Try to take the tests twice your junior year and save one for October of your Senior year, just in case. 
  • You may take the ACT without colleges ever seeing the score. You can just send the one you like. 
  • SAT keeps a transcript of your scores, so if you take it three times, the SAT will send all three scores to the colleges you have chosen. 
  • You do not necessarily have to take the SAT if you are looking at colleges in other states. 
  • You can use the SAT for colleges in Michigan. 
  • Some test dates allow you the opportunity to order a copy of the test booklet for that test. THe test service mails it to you after you get your results. This ia a great way to study for any subsequent test you may wish to take. 

Tips for Raising Scores

  • READ! Both the SAT and the ACT test reading comprehension skills more that
    anything else. 
  • Only use real tests for practice whenever possible. Both SAT and ACT registration packets come with a real test for practice. College Board, who creates the SAT, will
    sell materials for the "new" SAT by fall 2004. 
  • Buy a basic english grammar book and review basic grammar and usage, such as
    run-on's, comma usage, subject-verb agreement, and pronoun usage. 
  • Go online to the official web sites for SAT and ACT, listed above, to find real practice questions. 
  • Try to take a basic essay writing class in school to learn how to write an
    argumentative essay. 
  • Make sure to take Algebra II in school. It will help for the most difficult questions on
    both tests. 
  • The ACT Science Test does not test science knowledge, so don't worry about science content. It simply tests your ability to read experiments and charts, graphs, etc.,
    and answer questions based on the information given.